In order to PowerBoost through Multibrain you will first need to create a Facebook Ad Account.

To do so click settings at the top of your Multibrain Homepage.

Click the furthest right tab titled "BOOST".


If you do NOT yet have a Facebook ad account please continue reading.

After you click "Click Here" in the Ad account section you will be brought to Facebook's Ad Account creator. 

Enter all pertinent information. If you want to watch a live video going through the process click here.

Once you are done adding all your information you will need to add your billing information. Click Ad Account Settings. 

Click Billing & Payment Methods on the right of the pop-out menu.

Then in the middle of your screen click the green "Add Payment Method" button and add your payment information.

Once finished you will be able to Boost through Multibrain!

Note: ALL Boost money spent goes directly to Facebook and NOT to Multibrain. 

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