To connect your Social Media accounts, go to your Settings menu by clicking the Settings button next to the gear icon at the top right of your homepage.

Then, click the Connections tab on your Settings Menu.

Choose which Social Media Account you would like to connect and click Connect Now. Currently, we only accept Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Once you click the Connect Now, a pop-out will appear. Continue by clicking Connect Now.

For Facebook, if you are not already logged into your Facebook account a prompt will pop up for you to sign in.

After your Facebook Personal Profile is connected, the menu will update and say Connected next to Facebook on your platform's settings. This will also allow you to connect a Facebook Business Page and Facebook Groups.

Connecting Your Facebook Business Page

To connect a Facebook Business Page, click Connect New Page. Then Select your Facebook Business Page in the pop out menu by clicking Connect. 

Connecting Your Facebook Group

To Connect a Facebook Group, click Connect New Group. Then in the pop out menu choose the Facebook Group and click Connect.

That's it. Connected Pages + Connected Groups will be shown to confirm that you have connected your desired Page(s) and Group(s). If you want to remove a Page or Group, click the Trash icon to the right. 

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