When you connect to Facebook, you will be prompted for a variety of permissions.

These permissions may sound a little scary, but they're important for us to help manage your Facebook connections. Each one is required.

If you have Pages and Groups that are private and not related to your business, that's fine. Facebook does not permit us to request access to individual Pages or Groups, but we'll only ever access ones you specifically connect to our system in your settings via "Connect a Page" and "Connect a Group". We will not access your other Pages or Groups.

We also will never post automatically on your behalf, to any of your connections. Only posts you set up yourself through the Post Creator and Content Planner will be posted, and you'll get to pick which of your Profile, Pages, and Groups each post goes out to.

Remember, you can always revoke our access to your Facebook Profile, Pages and Groups at any time via the Facebook settings.

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