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Why do I need a Facebook Business Page?
Why do I need a Facebook Business Page?

Your Page is the public face of your business.

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Creating a Facebook Business Page (instructions here) may seem like a pain at times, but getting one up and running is an important step for your business. Here are a few reasons why you'll want to do it.

It's required!

First, and most importantly, Facebook's terms require the use of a Business Page to represent your business. Using your personal Profile as the main representation of a business is considered spammy and can lead to your profile being shut down or restricted.

Even if Facebook doesn't restrict your Profile, you may find that posting too many business-oriented posts to your Profile results in friends and family hitting the dreaded "hide posts from this user" button on your posts.


Looking to see how you're doing? Facebook provides extensive analytics (called "Insights") about Business Pages that aren't available for your personal Profile. Knowing how your Page and Posts are doing helps you adjust your strategy to keep engaging your fans.

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