First, click Post Creator, on the platform's homepage

You will then see a pop out menu. From there choose what connected Social Media Pages you will like to add content to. Do so, by clicking the faded out grey social media boxes and turning them bright! Click as many pages as you please to post on!

In order to add your content, you can either drag and drop the image to the grey box (with the Camera and + icons) or click the grey box and add the image directly from your computer by choosing the image file.

If you like to add more than one image, click  Upload Another File.

Keep in Mind! You are able to upload a maximum of 4 images at a time. If you post more than one image at a time, it will post in bulk, not separately (With the same text for each). If you want separate images with different text, please upload then schedule one image at a time.

Here's how it will look when you upload more than one image!

After adding text to your image. Click, Post Now if you want to post immediately. If you want to post this on a later time/date, choose Schedule Post

After you Post Now or Schedule Post, you'll page 👇

You see check marks next to each respective page you have posted on then your image(s) have been posted! You will also be asked if you want to Boost your post, simply click yes (You will be brought to PowerBoosting options, or click no to finish.  

Quick Tip!
You'll notice there is a button that says Customize Twitter, if your Facebook copy is longer than Twitter's Character Count, you can click Customize Twitter so you can make the copy shorter for Twitter Only (Facebook and Pinterest will remain the longer version). 

Here is how the finished post will look like on your Facebook! 

Get out there and Post Anything with your very own Post Creator! Cheers!

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