Post Creator allows you to post images that you saved on your device. This is limited to uploading images at this time. For videos, you cannot upload them directly, but you'll need to have the video linked to Vimeo or Youtube to add the video as a link to the copy section and then post.

To post images using Post Creator:

1. Click on the grey box or drag and drop your image in the grey box (desktop).

2. Select the image from your device and the image preview will show up in place of the grey box.

3. Select your social media outlets to post to, add your copy, then click Post Now or Schedule for later.

Note: You can upload a maximum of 4 posts at a time on Post Creator.

To post videos using Post Creator:

1. In the copy section, put your video link (Youtube or Vimeo recommended) in.

2. Select the social media outlets you want to post to.

3. Click Post Now or Schedule for later.

To create your own content using Canva:

1. Click on Add a Canva Design.

2. Login following the prompts.

3. Utilize Canva straight from your dashboard.

Note: Whatever Canva account you have signed up for is the one you will have access to, whether it is the paid or the free version.

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