1. Enter the web address  www.facebook.com/pages/create your browser. 

Or click Create at the top right hand corner of your Facebook then click Page. 

2. Next, Select the "Get Started" box under Business or Brand. 

3. Type in the name of your Business Page, this is your preference on what you want it to be. 

BRAINTIP: This is your chance to create your Facebook Page name. You can get creative or keep it simple. We suggest noting your business as well as your name in the title.

Here's a safe example:
FirstName LastName, CompanyName

4. Select a Category, type in what type of category your business is then select (Usually Product/Service). 

BRAINTIP: This process allows others to your business page more easily through searches of key words related to your brand or product.

5. Upload a Profile Picture for your business page. You can always skip this and do it later. 

6. Upload a Cover Photo, again you can do this later. 

7. WAIT!!! Don’t forget to like your own page and follow the guided instructions Facebook will prompt you to complete once you have finished all of the steps above.

CONGRATULATIONS! You are all set up and one step closer to becoming a social media expert. 

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