In order to adjust your Boost settings first go to your settings by clicking the Settings button at the top of your home screen. 

Click the Boost  tab to go into your Boost settings. 

If you haven't already you will need to create an Ad Account (If you need help creating an ad account click here). After you have had one created, select it into the ad account settings section.

Add your address or any address in the area you want to target. Set the radius around the address of your choice. 

BRAINTIP:  We recommend if you live in a heavily populated city to limit your radius to 5-10 Miles. Rural areas can go wider. 

Select the age range and Gender who you want to target.

Add keywords that relate to your product and who you want to target. In the example below I am targeting my Pet Business. 

Lastly, click update and you're all set! 

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