Post creator isn't the only way to post content through Multibrain. There are also thousands of pieces of content in your Content Planner for you to choose from!

In order to post content from your Content Planner, click the Content Planner button on your home screen. 

Under "Set Up Your Week" you will see several different categories for you to choose from. 

Click and choose a category that you would like to choose from, then choose the subcategory. In the example below, you will see Food & Drink as the Category and Recipes as the subcategory. 

When you find a piece of content that you would like to post, click Post on the bottom right-hand corner of the content of your choosing. 

After you click Post a pop out will show. From there click and choose what connected social media pages you would like to post to. You will see pages that you want to post to light up. 

From there you can choose to utilize the suggested copy we provide for you by clicking Suggested Copy. In the pop out menu click Copy This Text then click Paste Text . You will then see the suggested copy added. 

You are able to add your website link by clicking Add My Website Link. If you haven't added your website link to your Multibrain settings click here to learn how.

Quick Tip
: We do advise you to write in your own words on your posts. This makes your posts personable since it is coming from you. You can always utilize the "Suggested Copy" as help to write your copy in your own voice. But feel free to copy and paste if you are saving time. 

Click the Customize Twitter button to rewrite your Twitter posts if the copy exceeds Twitters character limit. 

When you are ready to post/schedule. Either click Post Now in order to post it immediately or Schedule Post to schedule the post for a later date. When clicking Schedule Post  pick a time and date on when you want the post to go out to your chosen Social Media outlets. 

After you post or schedule you will see check marks under your Social Media pages to confirm the post/schedule has been completed. You will then see the option to PowerBoost. 

When you choose No, then the post will be completed. If you choose Yes, then you will see a new pop out that gives you a summary of your boosting. 

Choose the amount that you would like to boost by clicking the white pop out menu. Then click Boost Post when finished. 

Once you are finished you will see this message above and you are all set! Get posting!

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