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How do I connect my social media accounts to the platform?
How do I connect my social media accounts to the platform?

Connect my social media accounts to the platform

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To connect your various social media accounts to the platform, log in and go to your platform home screen, then click Settings.

For Facebook

Step 1: Click Connect next to Facebook.

Step 2: You will be brought to a Facebook Pop out, click OK under "You are now linked" Prompt.

Step 3: Under "What is Multibrain (or platform name) Allowed to do?" Select YES next to all prompts. Then click Done.

Step 4: Select "What pages you want to use with the Platform". Check the box next to the Facebook Business Page you want to connect. Then click Next.

For Facebook Business Pages


Step 2: Select your Business Page by clicking CONNECT.

NOTE: You can connect multiple Facebook Business Pages. Also remember that you need to connect your Personal Facebook Profile Before connecting Business Pages or Groups.

For Facebook Groups

Your Personal profile needs to be admin of the group, so please go check the "members" in your group to ensure you "personally" are the admin (not just your page).

*NOTE* At this time, Facebook only allows these steps to be done on a computer - the "add app" button isn't available on mobile just yet.

Once you are admin:

  1. Click Connect a Group in your Platform Settings .

  2. Click Add App next to the group you want to connect. This will take you to Facebook on another tab.

  3. After you're brought to Facebook scroll down to apps and click the pencil icon.

  4. Click Add Apps.

  5. Type in App Name in the search bar in the left menu.

  6. Click the app in the right menu.

  7. Click ADD.

  8. Go back to your platform tab on your browser and click Connect New Group again.

  9. Click "CONNECT" next to your Group.

To Connect Twitter and Pinterest

Click CONNECT next to Twitter and or Pinterest and follow prompts.

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