Instagram is great, but it does not allow most third-party tools to schedule posts. 

For now, we've created a way for you to download images from the Content Planner so you can post them to Instagram. Here's how:

1. Start by logging into the platform on your phone.

2. Choose the Content Planner.

3. Once you're in the Content Planner, choose a Category.

4. When you find an image you want to download, click the image to preview (not post).

5. Once you've entered the image preview, click the Download Button. 

Note: you are only able to download IMAGE content. Not URLS, not videos. Only images.

6. Next, open Instagram and click the + button at the bottom center of the screen.

7. Choose to upload from your Gallery. Then, select the image you downloaded from Multbrain.

8. Just write your copy and finish your post

BOOM! You've officially just posted content from the platform to Instagram. 

Don't see your image on your Camera Roll?

If the image comes up on your phone you may need to press and hold on the image until you see a menu pop up.

Click "Save Image" and you will see the image in your Instagram library to post! 

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