There may be several reasons why you may want to do this. One being you created a new Facebook Personal Profile and you created a Facebook Business page using that account or you have more than one Facebook Personal Profile with a different Facebook Business page attached. Let's show you how to swap out your Facebook Personal Profile in your platform. 

First go to your Settings and Choose Connections

From here click the red Disconnect button next to Facebook. 

*Important* after you disconnect your Facebook on the platform, you will want login to the Facebook Personal Profile that you want to connect to Facebook. So you will need to open another tab or window, go into and click the down arrow on the top right-hand corner, then click Log Out. 

After you log out you can Sign into Facebook using the new Facebook Profile you want to utilize in the platform. 

Once finished, go back to and connect your Facebook as you normally would. Click here if you need help connecting. 

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