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Getting Connected on The Platform
Getting Connected on The Platform
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Connecting your social accounts and downloading the mobile app is the key to utilizing the Platform’s features and content!

  1. To get started, click on Connections in the desktop version to see the following options.

2. To connect with Facebook:

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A) Click CONNECT across from Facebook & Instagram.

B) You have the option to connect to Facebook Business Pages and Instagram

Pages. Check all you want to connect to, and click Connect again.

C) Fill in your Facebook password. If you forget it, click on the blue prompt

underneath your password to request a new one.

D) You will be shown options for which IG Pages and FB Business Pages to

allow posting permissions. Click the check box next to each.

  • If you do not see your Instagram account listed, see the steps in number 5.

E) Under “What is Multibrain allowed to do?” Select YES next to all prompts. Then, click Done. Accepting each prompt is crucial to enabling a FB and IG connection!

F) Click OK, and you are sent back to the B. Social’s Connections. Click CONNECT once more and choose the account to connect to.

3. Please follow these steps to ensure your Facebook Business Page is ready to connect.

A) Verify you are the Admin of the Facebook Business Page you want to connect to.

B) In Connections, click on + Connect and connect to your Facebook

Business Page.

4. Instagram Page:

File:Instagram icon.png - Wikimedia Commons

A) Instagram only allows scheduling and posting with a Professional Business

Account or a Professional Creator account.

  • To switch your Instagram personal account, go to your Profile > three horizontal lines in the top right > Settings and privacy > Account type and tools > Switch to a professional account > Go through the prompts, and select either a Creator or a Business account.

B) Now that you have your Instagram account set up as a Professional

account, Facebook requires you to connect your Instagram to a

Facebook Business Page.

  • To do this, head to your IG mobile app > Click your profile in the bottom right > Edit Profile > Click on Connect or create next to Pages.

C) Head back to the Platform and click on Connections. Next to Instagram, hit Connect Now, click Connect Now again, and click "Continue as (your Facebook Personal Profile)" in blue on the Facebook pop-out.

D) You are now ready to connect your Instagram Professional account, which

will pop up when you hit ‘Connect New Instagram Page.’

5. For Pinterest:

Pinterest" Icon - Download for free – Iconduck

A) Verify on your device that your latest log-in is the correct Pinterest account.

The Platform automatically connects to the latest account you signed into.

B) Go back to the Platform, click Connections, scroll down, and your Pinterest

account will automatically connect when you hit 'Connect Now.’

6. All Other Social Media Apps:

File:Mobile-Smartphone-icon.png - Wikimedia Commons

All other social media accounts are through the mobile app! Follow these steps to

download the mobile app, and you can check off new accounts in Connections once

you’re set up.

A) In your App Store or Google Play Store, search ‘Multibrain.’ It is the app that is just

one word.

B) Once downloaded, enter your account email and click on ‘Send me a new code.’

Check your email for a 6-digit code. If you don’t receive it, go to Connections on

the desktop, click on Manage devices next to mobile apps, and generate a new

6-digit code to enter.

C) With your mobile app connected, go to Connections and check off apps to

Share posts with!

One Note: These apps have a policy that does not allow direct posting and

scheduling from a third-party app. So, when you schedule content to TikTok,

for example, you will receive a mobile notification at the selected time alerting

you that the post is ready. Click the notification, and follow the prompts to

share your scheduled post on TikTok quickly.

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