Have you posted a piece of content using Post Creator and wanted to save it to use again in the future? What about wanting to re-post a piece of content that created great engagement? Now you can with the My Content category in your Content Planner.

Let's dive in and show you how. 

First, go into your Content Planner

Then click the My Content category box.

If you haven't saved any content, you will see the message shown below:

You haven't saved any of your content yet. Click here to see your recent content. 

Either click the, Click Here link or click, Recent Posts.

You will see all the image content you have posted in the past in this library and every post will have the buttons Repost and Save To My Content.

When you click Repost you will be brought straight to your Set Up Your Post pop out menu where you will be able to reschedule or post right away.

If you click the Save to My Content button, the post will be saved in your My Content section for you to find easily.

After you save the post you will find the post sitting pretty in your My Content category. 

Brain Tip: If you ever need to go back and look through your Recent Posts, you can find the Recent Posts button at the top right of your My Content category and in your Content Calendar tool. 

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